Our History

Follypec Nigeria Limited is a multi-dimensional Company, with experience both locally and internationally and a commitment in providing quality services. It was conceived to merge the parity between the producers and the end users need.

The yearning to give quality sales and after sales support services to companies whose aim and objectives are bent on effective output with a modern requirement which cannot be over emphasized in this age of modern technology and automated equipment.

Follypec Nigeria Limited is a private limited liability company which was born in January 2016 and was officially incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission on the 15th of April 2019.

Our Core Value

We provide full service at every step

Key Technical Personnel​​

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS: – We have electrical and telecommunication engineers that are experienced in microwave radio link installation, configuration and alignment (panning), RF/BTS installation, alarm stimulation test and installation. ATS, Generators installation. Shelter assembly and reticulation, adopting the most efficient method and diligently following scope of jobs as dictated by client without compromising industry standard.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERS: – The team comprises of riggers, earthen technicians and plumbers. The riggers are responsible for erecting the towers and mast to good Workmanship. The earthen technicians handle the ground aspect of the job while the plumbers handle the piping aspect of the work on site.

OPERATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION:-They are responsible for supervision, liaison between the company and the clients,
keeping daily record of activities of the organization and processing feedback
to our clients.

CIVIL ENGINEERS: – Our civil engineers are capable of rendering excellent services from soil reconnaissance to recommendation and designing of the foundation.

QUALITY ASSURANCE ENGINEERS: – The quality assurance team are responsible for formulation policies ensuring that its materials and jobs are of acceptable standard and quality.

SITE BUILD:- FollyPec Nigeria Limited offers complete turnkey services for the installation and maintenance of Cell Sites for the telecommunications industry. Our team are experienced in site survey and acquisition, engineering drawings, access agreements, construction build-outs and maintenance of microwave communication equipment’s


FollyPec Nigeria Limited, as part of the driving force for the company is engagement in bridging the gap in the Telecommunication Industry and proffering solutions to meet international standards.

We are poised to meet and exceed our client’s expectation in fostering solutions to their technological needs. Ours is a team of Intelligent, Versatile and experienced personnel, who are willing to do the EXTRA in customer satisfaction. We implement Telecommunication solutions using VSAT solutions, Microwave radio, and Fiber Optics infrastructure deployment with the best products that guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction. Leasing one of the most equipment, we deliver comprehensive solutions and results in Cell sites planning and analysis. Our equipment are tested and we provide warrantee for most of the report and recommendations during planning exercise.


At Follypec Nigeria Limited we provide one of the most comprehensive and inclusive rigging services in Nigeria. We erect steel structures – lattice type towers, self-supporting and stayed masts, monopole, mobile masts and roof structures. In fact, we execute any rigging contract, from mobile cranes to scaffolding. *We also erect and maintain aircraft warning light systems, including painting to aviation standard and day marking. Rigging staffs at Follypec are fully trained in the art of rigging.

We work to stringent safety standards and the quality of our work is assured. Some senior staffs have vast experience of working on towers at high altitudes.

Fiber Upgrade

With our vast experience in the Telecommunication industry, our partners can supply us with a variety of equipment’s and materials from world leading manufacturers needed for our turnkey project executions. We have the expertise in installing the equipment’s we supply to our clients.

Antenna System

Follypec Nigeria Limited will install, lest, commission and maintain all types of mobile and microwave antenna systems and associated cabling. We take great pride in our tower management ensuring tidy cable runs, installations, and cable tagging


Electrical Installation​

We provide services in the area of electrical engineering from designs through installation, maintenance and repairs. Our skilled and experienced engineers are capable and ever ready to handle the following and many more; U Electrical systems design and control.

ii Electrical installation for all types of building and structures e.g. residential, commercial, ware-houses, substations, factories, plants, BTS sites, etc. Rural electrification projects. This includes transformer installation and servicing,

ii Supply of quality electrical parts,

ii Installation of generators,

ii Installation of rectifiers, AV R, ATS, alarms, etc.

We pride ourselves in the ability to design, implement and maintain communication solutions with Fiber Optics Infrastructure using:

-Cabling equipment
-Blowing equipment
-Compacting equipment
-Splicing equipment
– Testing equipment.

Terminating and Creating optical signal using a transmitter with the best products that guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

Fiber optics

We have seasoned professionals who train and implement fiber optic deployment. network

A variety of products that can be supplied includes the following: § Optical Fibre Cable of different capacities § HDPE/couplers (silicon coated) supply


  • Manhole. Hand holes. Joint Box production § Fibre splice enclosure/accessory supply
  • Fibre Optic distribution system supply We offer the following services:

-Fibre/copper cable network survey, design and implementation.


– Add/Drop station construction and power installations

  • Civil/Electrical engineering works for residential and industrial buildings
  • Cell site construction and installation

Managed Services

GENERATOR MAINTENANCE We offer maintenance services for cell sites generators, with the practice of components and engine oil change every 250Hrs. We adhere to strict SI, agreed with clients on the availability of die power generating equipments on a 24/7 day basis. This is achieved by a thorough and comprehensive servicing every 250Hrs and preventive measures put in place to attain the stipulated Our team of skilled personnel provide AMF panel installation and troubleshooting for new and faulty AMF panel respectively.

We install and maintain Transformers. DC batteries. AVR etc. on sites. We deploy state of the design and implementation of the power equipment’s and utilities of different capacities and rating.

We partner with reputable security firms to provide ample and reliable security personnel on sites on a 24/7 HR basis to meet the request and demands of our clients.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to explore our expertise in all areas to foster trust and confidence in our clients giving the best services and quality both locally and internationally.

Our Partners

We only work with the best companies around the globe

Meet our Team

The relentless team of home builders